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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mortified mama week three

If you enjoy what you find here, be sure to subscribe or become a follower, so you can keep up with all my bloggy goodness.

Another Wednesday, another weigh-in.  Last week, I challenged myself to drink five glasses of water a day and to exercise for thirty minutes at a time, three days a week.  I have to say, I did pretty well.  Not only did I exercise three days, I actually moved my butt five days in the last week!  Additionally, I hit my five glasses of water each day (using Nancy's recommended fill 'er up and suck 'er down method).  AND, I cut out nearly all of my soda consumption.  I even started to keep a food diary and attempted to stay within a set number of calories each day, using sparkpeople.com's free diet trackers. 

Another positive move came when a friend of mine asked me to meet her at Planet Fitness each weekday at 6 AM.  We started on Monday.  And promptly skipped today.  But that's not the point, huh?  My friend, we'll call her Hampton for reasons she'll most certainly understand,  inspired me to attack the most-dreaded stair machine.  Seriously, every time I've gotten on this thing in the past, I've felt like I was going to d.i.e within minutes.  Mere minutes, I tell ya!  Yet, Hampton showed me a trick.  You turn the incline down to 0 to get started on it.  Then, gradually step it up over a few weeks or so.  (Step it up, get it?)  Easy-cheesy!  The first day, Monday, I was on it for 15 minutes.  Then, I ran over to my safety-blanket, the recumbent bike.  Fifteen minutes was three times longer than I had ever used the machine before, but I still felt like a loser, compared to Hampton's 35 minutes.  So, yesterday I forced myself to use the darned thing for 30 minutes.  Thirty WHOLE minutes!  Woo-hoo!  Then, today, Hampton bailed on me so she could sleep in.  So, I did, too.  We'll go back tomorrow for sure.

And, now for my weigh-in number.  See how I put it all the way down here?  That can't be good news, right?  Right.  232.  I gained a pound and a half.  I'm not sure how I managed that.  Surely one night of drinking, plus an extra long cheese coney, plus Chuck E. Cheese pizza, plus ice cream, plus Buffalo Wild Wings, plus a REALLY GOOD Cobb Salad, plus, plus, plus, plus couldn't have done that, right?  Right?  It has to be water weight.  Right?  Someone?  Freaking out over here...

Even with all my bad choices, I did stay within my calorie range most days.  I did work my ass off at home and at the gym.  I did drink my water.  But, maybe I didn't do quite enough.  Or, maybe the week prior when I did next to NOTHING and lost 3 pounds caught up with me.  At any rate, next week has to be better, number wise.  It HAS to be.

How will I make it better?  More small goals, more baby steps.  9 glasses of water a day.  5 gym days.  3 veggies or fruits a day.  That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Weight loss Stats:
Starting Weight: 233.5
Current Weight: 232
Goal Weight: 150
Pounds lost: 1.5/83.5


  1. I'm excited for spring. I have my treadmill but I don't enjoy it anywhere near as much as walking outside with my iPod. I go faster, further and longer outside. And I drop weight/gain muscles. BUT I'm forcing myself to treadmill. And I'm going to get a little eliptical thing too because my mom has one and I love it. So maybe I can do that when I'm not walking outside..

  2. Oh, I LOVE the elliptical! So much more fun than just walking.

  3. Ok...just remember to not let everything rest on the numbers. If you do, you'll either get overload and potentially quit or get frustrated and potentially quit. Focus on what you did right, which was a lot! Glad that water trick worked:)


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