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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

beating the rain

I played laundry-roulette today and I semi-won.  Though the sky was overcast and rain was on its way, I was able to hang two loads of laundry out to dry today.  My son's clothes, however, had to be grabbed off the line while still wet when rain drops started to dot the back deck.

For the past couple of years, Alex has been responsible for hanging his clothes in his closet after I've washed them.  Many times, I have found a bunch of clean clothes tossed back into the dirty laundry pile.  After this happened again this past Sunday, I decided to switch up his punishment a bit.

Now, Alex has to do his laundry on his own, from start to finish.  He loads the washer, hangs the clothes on the line, brings them in, and hangs them in his closet.  I figure that he'll start taking better care of his clean clothes once he realizes the amount of time that goes into getting them clean.  It's worth a shot, I guess.

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Creative Commons

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