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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

you have not (quite) been abandoned

Yes, I know.  We all hate those blog posts about why we're not blogging.  But, sometimes life happens.

This will come to no surprise to many of you, but keeping up with two kids all day long is exhausting.  Absolutely exhausting.  You see, aside from summer time and brief school breaks, I have not had both of my children at home for any length of time.  And, of course, those aforementioned school breaks are so relaxed that it doesn't matter if they don't actually learn anything much.

But, now we're doing schoolwork on a regular basis.  Like, an everyday sort of regular basis.  And, yes... I know that I had not gotten little Katie dressed when I snapped this.  She did put on something decent not too long after.

We've also been doing other fun spring-like things, such as visiting the duck pond and the park.  More about these in subsequent posts.  Promise.  (You didn't see my fingers crossed behind my back, did you?)

And then, in the midst of it all, my little boy turned ten.  Where did the time go?

Flashback to the 80's with a Ghostbusters themed party.  It was a lot of fun.

So, I've been running myself ragged.  I'm going to try to get more sleep.  And blog more.  And maybe clean my house a little better.  In the meantime, enjoy the weather.  It's spring!


  1. I want to know more about this Ghostbuster party!

  2. Yes.. I hear you. I'm slacking on blogging but I typed up THREE posts tonight. Two went up tonight.. and one for tomorrow. Actually, I'll have two for tomorrow so I'll just look like a mega rockstar for a week. :)

  3. I came across a blog and it made me think of you, and I was going to come to your blog and recommend it. But then I thought "no, thats weird, and you haven't even seen Lindsey in years and have only really communicated via blog."

    BUT then she had a post on a chalkboard wall. And I thought it would be really cool for me, and my office. And then I thought it might be cool for you and homeschooling your son (you know, to give it an academic feel for him and a shabby chic feel for you.

    http://shabbynest.blogspot.com/2011/03/easy-and-removable-chalkboard-wall.html is the blog, and she links to tons of other images with great ideas. Not that I've ever been inside your house, but I still thought decorating the "school" might make the experience more enjoyable. :-)


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