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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

auction features part two

Click here to read part one of this series, featuring additional artists and friends who have donated to the Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction.

Continuing with yesterday's theme, I am featuring the lovely ladies who have donated items to the Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction.  This is an auction designed to support two of my dear friends who are walking in the Erie, PA March for Babies in May.  They have a goal of raising $1000 for the March of Dimes, an organization which supports research and enables women to have healthy babies.

Today, I am featuring those ladies who have donated gift certificates and services to the Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction. 

(For those of you wondering, the Harvest Honey's is a group of women from around the globe who have all had babies due or born in October 2008.  We are a tight-knit community of moms who support one another through thick and thin.  I don't know what I'd do without the friendships I have made with many of these fabulous ladies.  But, that's a post for another day.)

place bid
Annabelle's Closet is a Facebook Shop run by Harvest Honey Mama Crystal Lewis.  This page is named for her daughter, Annabelle (aka Belle), who was a long-awaited blessing.  She is Crystal's youngest child and only birth daughter.  Crystal began her resell business many years ago, when she was first trying to get pregnant with Belle.  She started out as an ebay seller and has since joined the Facebook bandwagon.

Crystal's Facebook shop, Annabelle's Closet has amassed nearly 2.000 fans in a very short period of time.  Crystal shops several consignment stores, outlets, and boutiques in a four state radius to find the best bargains to bring to her customers.  Her eye for quality is impeccable, her prices are more than reasonable, and her customer service is superb.  She also has a team of admins who volunteer their time to help keep Annabelle's Closet running smoothly.

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 The Gymboree Closet is another Facebook shop, operated by Catherine.  Catherine specializes in reselling Gymboree, as well as Janie and Jack, Gap, and other name brands.  She sells both new and gently used clothing.  Like Annabelle's Closet, she boasts nearly 2,000 fans and is based in Colorado.  

place bid
The last, but not least, Reseller Gift Certificate in the Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction comes from My Littlemen's Closets, operated by Harvest Honey Mama Jennifer Zwirsky.  Jennifer and her family reside in Saskatchewan.  She focuses on reselling boy's clothing in smaller sizes.

place bid
 Kara's Kloset, another Facebook reseller, has donated this 20% off coupon to Crazy 8, in addition to a clothing item.  This coupon can be used online or in the store, through May 1.  Kara's Kloset is operated by Danielle Matthews, mother of two young girls.  Danielle lives up in Minnesota and I am so jealous!  If I lived up her way, I'd be hitting up the Mall of America quite often!  I guess it's a good thing my husband doesn't want to move that way, huh?  Anyway, she's an incredibly loyal friend and an all-around great person.  
place bid
Lea Williams is the creative genius behind Paradise Productions.  She makes video montages which are so touching, they'll bring tears to your eyes.  Lea will take your own photographs and digital videos and create a personalized DVD slideshow, perfect for sharing with family and friends.  Weddings, babies, celebrations, even funerals, she will put together something just for you.  She has donated a deluxe package worth up to $149.  Lea has a wonderful two year old son, whom she takes to the pool everyday from March through November (or so it seems).  He can really swim like a fish!

place bid
Christa Pena, of Dazzling Darling Designs, has donated one card design to the Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction.  Christa makes beautiful customized photo cards to match any occasion, using your own photographs in your choice of designs.  Christa is a West-Coast mama who just recently gave birth to her third child, a beautiful baby girl (pictured above).  In addition to the card design, Christa has also whipped out the sewing machine just today to produce a lovely burp cloth, which was also donated to the auction. 

To bid on any of these items, click here.  All money collected will be donated directly to the March of Dimes.  Please read the rules before bidding and have fun!

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  1. another great post! ps.. the card by christa is featuring telyn elise, michalee's sweet lil pea.. another adorable hh momma offspring :) but christa's daughter cadence is equally as beautiful, i assure you :)

  2. How silly of me. Of course it is! Thanks for clarifying.


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