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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

auction features

The March of Dimes auction that I wrote about last week is still going strong, though bidding has slowed a bit.  Don't forget that you have until April 10th to bid on all of the fabulous items that have been donated for this great cause.  Also, if you live in the United States, your purchase will be tax deductible as a donation to the March of Dimes.  We all need a little help on our taxes, right?

I've promised to share some of the wonderful shop owners and friends who have so generously donated their time, talents, and products to this cause.  I can't possibly show them all here, so be sure to check back the rest of the week for a complete listing.  Or, you could just hop over to the auction page and get a sneak peak of all the lovely goodies!

This 3T/4T handmade skirt is from Halo Boutique.  Angel set up shop a year or so ago, if my memory serves me correctly.  She makes and sells little girls dresses, skirts, tutus, and hair bows.  I just love that she gives all of her dresses a unique name, typically pulled from a growing list of girls in our Harvest Honey group.  (an internet group of moms who all had babies in or around October 08).  What I find amazing is that, though Angel sews for girls, she only has two sweet little boys of her own.  Of course, for them, she makes superhero capes and costumes!  Her family has had a rough time of it, with her oldest son having undergone surgery for multiple brain tumors over the past 18 months, as well as having been diagnosed with autism. What a trooper!  Angel is such a strong mama.  The Harvest Honey March of Dimes auction is blessed to have multiple donations from her shop

Choose one of these tooth fairy pillows to make retrieving those little teeth in the middle of the night even easier.  Just grab the strap, retrieve the nugget, leave a surprise, and you're out!  I can't guarantee you won't trip over a truck or impale your toe on a Barbie shoe, though!  This item was donated by Sweetie Marie Designs.  Diana also carries bandana dresses, tutus, and hair bows for the special girl in your life.  

Every little girl needs a great selection of bows.  This very-springy set of 12 comes from Pipsqueak Bowtique (love the name!).  In addition to traditional bows, pictured above, the Bowtique also has a selection of hair bows topped with bottlecap images and korker bows.  Chrissy has two darling little girls, ages 2 and 3.  She has been making bows for about a year, but just set up her Facebook page this past January.  

Need a great birthday or anytime gift?  How about something different for the Easter basket?  This handmade crayon roll is perfect.  Stay away from those clumsy, hard-sided pencil boxes or flimsy crayon containers and use this instead.  Great for on-the-go mommies.  We take crayons everywhere, don't you?  My children especially love to "leave their mark" on the examining table paper cover in the doctor's office, or on those paper menus provided to kids in restaurants.  This item was donated by a brand-new Facebook shop, Domestic Engineer Gone Crafty.  Hillary also has two small girls, a 2 year old and an infant.  Wow, does she have her hands full! 

Like Hillary, Jennifer has a two year old and an infant.  In fact, their babies were born within a week or so of one another!  I don't see how she found the time, but Jenn has donated three hand knit scarves to the March of Dimes auction.   She doesn't sell these things for profit, but she does love to knit!  This is the scarf that I've bid on (currently losing, by the way...), but she has also made two others, including one for a toddler.  

Another mommy with lots of love, but no shop, is Kristen.  She had donated a TON of items to the March of Dimes auction.   Again, I'm in awe.  This woman is like a supermom.  She sews, she bakes, she gardens, she raises her two young children, and takes care of her husband.  It has been joked that she would make her own breast-milk butter if she could.  (TMI?  I don't know...)  Anyway, I chose to share this dress with you today because I just lurve it.  In fact, again, I've bid on it (winning this time, hurrah!).  Kristen was my inspiration to learn to sew clothing for my daughter.  I just adore this shirring technique that she introduced us all to.  Last summer, she was such a super-shirrer that she mailed these dresses out to Harvest Honies all across the country, for no cost whatsoever.  What a good friend!  Kristen has also donated another shirred dress, a hot pink minky stuffed pig, and a whole bunch of little springy bird toys.  So cute!

So, what will you be bidding on?  Does anything strike your fancy?  Visit the auction page to see more great items, including jewelry, aprons, nook covers, gift certificates, scrapbook pages, and tote bags.  An array of vendors and friends have made donations, so there is something for everyone's taste and everyone's budget.  Besides, who doesn't love babies?


  1. Those crayon rollups are adorable! Like a little kid toolbelt :)
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  2. awesome post - thanks for the props, momma!


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