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Monday, August 30, 2010

monday briefs

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Katie is nearing two and it isn't too difficult to tell.  Her favorite words are eh-eh and uh-uh.  I have to admit, some days (like today), the temper tantrums drive me crazy.  I am trying to take it in stride and not let it get to me too much, but some days are harder than others.   

I think I'm going to be in for it today because we're going to have a stressful time anyway.  Alex is having two baby teeth pulled because they're blocking four permanent teeth from coming in.  The appointment is in less than two hours and I'm a bundle of nerves. 

Alex starts school next week.  He'll be in the fourth grade, which I can hardly believe.  But, I'll be happy to have my quiet time back.  When he's in school, I get a decent chunk of time to myself while Katie naps, during which I can catch up on a favorite TV show, mop the floor, or take a nap myself.  When Alex is not in school, I lose that time.  Earlier this summer, I tried instituting a quiet time during her naps, when he would have to go read in his room, but that didn't last long.  I'd rather have him under foot, I suppose, than complaining in his room, quite loudly, and ruining the time for me.

Another benefit to Alex going back to school is that he won't be around to pester Katie so much, either.  She has really taken a disliking to him recently.  I'm not sure why, but it may be because she has found him to be annoying.  Or, maybe she's just nearing two.  I admit, I can't stand to hear her screech at him, so most of the time I just beg Alex to keep the peace.  I worry that I'm raising a tyrant.

Speaking of tyrants, we found out who Alex's teacher will be this year.  I think I'll call her Mrs. S.  Alex says that she's a mean lady, for which I am thankful.  He needs someone to be strict with him.  In past years, his teachers have been total pushovers, so maybe, just maybe, he'll actually learn something this year.

And, with that, I must run.  Little Miss Kate just dumped her bowl of cereal sans milk on the floor in order to have the opportunity to "dee up."  Darn Barney and his clean up song.

Update: Alex did really well at his dental appointment.  I'm just gagging because this is the gateway to orthodontics.  

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  1. Two is such a "fun" age, isn't it? Mine is so much more easy-going when his brothers are in school!

  2. Yeah, I really can't wait for back to school this year.


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